Best Business School in France

France is not only a prolific country to pursue higher education due to its cultural and culinary delights but is actually one of the best places to do business. Thanks to the Bologna process agreement, French universities offer a variety of programs and courses that meet the needs of each student, whether it is a … Read more

Interesting facts about France

Is it true that France invented the hot air balloon? And is kissing on a train platform really illegal?  Learn about France with these 30 fun facts. Whether you live in France or are just visiting, learning a few facts about the country will help you get to know it better;  Not to mention impressing your … Read more

Best cities to visit in France

More than just Paris, France has incredibly beautiful cities waiting to be explored. History abounds throughout the country, and cathedrals, castles, culture and refined cuisine will tempt you on a journey of discovery of all things French. With such a wealth of amazing places on offer, France’s best cities are a joy to visit. So, what are … Read more

Best places to visit in France

The French affectionately call their beloved homeland “l’hexagon” because of its distinct six-sided shape. Every corner of France has its own unique character: the rugged and rugged French Alps; sun-drenched and slow-paced Provence; the breathtaking and gorgeous Côte d’Azur beaches; and legendary Alsace, a pastoral region where storybook villages are tucked away in rolling vine-covered hills. Paris and Versailles … Read more